AlterPower team has been working for many years with Financial institutions and Investment funds, since their participation in two successful IPO in the New York Stock Exchange, in 2006 and in 2010, and follow-on raise of Capital jointly with different financial institutions from USA and from China, such as Merryl Lynch and Credit Suisse

          Now we are glad to present a unique opportunity with one of our closest Investment Fund, to facilitate the investment in Energy Projects. 



BUILD TO SUIT solution

A 'Build to Suit Solution' Is a way of leasing properties, in which the developer or landlord builds the projects following the tenant's specifications.
The Investment Fund pays for the construction/development of the Project (Solar PV Park in our case), and the tenant/operator then leases - with a duration compulsory term - the Solar PV Park from the Investment Fund.

In our case the main players are:

1.- Investment Fund:
AlterPower works closely with a prestigious Fund to select the partners and the Solar PV Projects.
The Investment Fund acquires the Permits, the Licenses, the Land and finances the construction of the Solar park.

2.- Operator / Tenant:
It is selected by the Financing Fund jointly with AlterPower.

The Operator/Tenant receives the rights to operates the Solar Park after signing a lease contract with the Investment Fund (Owner), under a compulsory duration term (around 15-20 years).
The Investment Fund and the Operator will agree on the terms of the lease contract and duration.
The amount of the annual rent would be roughly 7 % after discounting expenses such as property taxes, maintenance; etc. it represents a yield for the Fund of 7 % regarding the investment.

3.- AlterPower AG.: 
     AlterPower team Identifies, selects and develops the project jointly and/or following the specifications of the operator, that the Investment Fund finances.



We expect with this solution to have some Developments starting this coming months of 2016 and preparing specially for next year and future years to come.