Global Leader

Nextracker continues, for last 7 years on the row, being Global Leader of Sales of Trackers. it counted in 2021 with 30% market share and a capitalization value of over 3 billion USD, with latest investment of TPG (one of the largest Funds focused on renewal energies). 

The success of Nextracker is thanks to: 

- Professional team always focus on client satisfaction 

- Optimized Product design to maximize power production, IRR and reduce LCOE, time of installation and cost of Operation & Maintenance.

- Smart Software Algorithm that boost energy over 3-4% depending on the slopes, with an optimal backtracking to avoid shadows without losing availabily, maximizing profit of diffuse radiation during cloudy days and from back of Bifacial Panels and 

- Geographically distributted Supply Chain to cope with challenging deadlines and steel volatility of costs.