In AlterPower, we provide System Design and valuable Solutions covering Engineering, Procurement and Construction jointly with our external partners, carefully selected. 

We also count with the most competitive and high level products coming from Tier One companies who count with the highest standards of quality, performance and bankability.  Our products include Solar PV Modules, Solar Inverters and  mounting structures, besides all needed balance of system to complete the whole system. 


Services provided:

1.- Feasibility Studies   
2.- Design and Engineering of the Instalations
3.- Legalization and Permiting  
4.- Procurement and Construction of the Projects.
5.- Control, Monitoring and Commisioning of the Solar Plants

6.- After Sales Services  
7.- Trainning Courses.





  In AlterPower we also provide Development and valuable Solutions to PV Projects. We're experts both in off-grid and grid connected applications.

Our area of focus is currently Latin-American, Africa and Asia Pacific. We are currently working in developing a 55 MW project in Honduras and 18 MW in Chile.

Besides, we have identified interesting projects in Mexico, Panama, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Benin and South Africa. We will welcome developments also in Europe.


We have in our pipeline over 2 GW of projects different stage of developments, from Greenfield projects, through fully permitted Projects in COD stage, till projects already connected to the grid.... 

Our off-grid solutions include the most advance hybrid system with battery, wind, diesel and grid sources to maximize the power and the space, to ensure a 24 hrs coverage and ensure a permanent power to our customer's installations.



 In AlterPower, we also provide competitive and customized maintenance for the years of guarantee according to our customer needs. It includes field inspections, predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance, resolutive and, if needed, fast desinstalation, substitution, and installation of new components to make sure the PV plants keeps working and providing energy to the grid during expected 25 years.